TRX 250 and CR 500 Heads
HONDA 250 / Suzuki 250 Heads
NOTE: We have these with and without the head stay
Yamaha Billet Banshee Head    

This was the 1st Billet Banshee head to use your stock cylinder studs.

This head WILL lower coolant temps! Most other billet heads state that coolant temps will be lowered.. when, in fact, they are not due to design flaw.. We have tackled this problem and DO have a head that will allow for a cooler running engine..

Make no mistake this head is the forerunner and most others just try and duplicate its stellar performance
We can also design a head for any octane requirement you need. If you have a particular application in mind, call us and we will make a custom chamber specifically for your engine.
The combinations are ENDLESS!!!!

CR 500 and TRX 250R Heads (LT250 Heads also)