NEW Arctic Cat Belt Deflection Adjuster for 2010 and Newer Clutches and NEW for 2012 and Newer Pro Series Secondary Clutch

2010 and newer Arctic Cat Clutches no longer have the internal threads machined.  Because of this, they can not accept the BDX adjuster and you are back to the Shim washer method of deflection adjustment.

We have machined a very simple deflection adjuster for these newer clutches that allows for easy and quick deflection adjustment. 

And if that was not enough!! We have changed it for 2012 to allow for EASY Belt changes! We have added a Sheave spreading hole that makes belt removal a breeze! No more need to flip over covers and "fiddle" around. Just screw it in and open the sheaves!


COST $40.00



Shown on RKT Torsional Conversion Kit



Shown on stock Diamond Drive Helix



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