Drop In Piston Kit for Ski-Doo 800R Powertek & ETEC Mono-Block

RK Tek SKI-DOO 800R/ETEC Drop In Piston Kit

 ETEC Kit is ONLY $570

PTEK Kit is $845

RK Tek spent a better part of the 2008 Season developing a performance package for the new Rotax 800R(ETEC is the SAME ENGINE) Engine.

The new engine was torn completely down and inspected for deficiencies. It was not much of a surprise to find that Ski Doo had not addressed many of the problem areas that also plagued the previous Series III power-plants. Of course we are talking about the VERY inefficient combustion chamber (head) design and the “prone to heat soaking and ring failure” piston and ring combination.

While Ski Doo did address the lack of engine/cylinder/crank-case (not head) cooling with their new engine… the “CORE” of ANY engine is the piston, rings, and head design and these components remained virtually unchanged.

Since RK Tek is known for their unique and effective methods for “fixing” Rotax engine issues, this new engine was surely going to get the “full treatment” and get a “makeover”. This “makeover” came in the form of a new made Dual Ring Piston and Head Kit to drop in the new 800R Engine.

This Drop In Piston Kit was designed in the same manner as our Series III Engine 160HP Drop In Piston Kit.

So, now, we have an engine with a MUCH better piston and ring design. Couple that with a custom combustion chamber designed specifically for this engine and you have yourself a recipe for a very SOLID and POWERFUL power-plant that will NOT power-fade (heat soak) on a long pull. This kit is also MORE reliable than stock. In other words… It will perform better and last longer than your stock engine set-up!!!

The new 800R Drop In Piston Kit from RK Tek is rated at 12HP increase on 91 octane fuel with the stock exhaust system.  The torque curve is extremely broad and linear which allows for VERY easy clutch tuning.


BONUS: The RKT piston with pin is 70 Grams lighter than the Stock OEM piston with pin. So, not only do you have a much better dual rings design, you also have a much lighter piston that will allow for much quicker revving..


NOTE:  For the ETEC,  we have chosen to re-shape the stock head vs. the billet. This allows for an even less expensive performance kit!


OK, What is required and what are the costs for this awesome kit?


RK Tek will send you the kit so you can put it in at your leisure (NO DOWN-TIME!!-->ETEC requires you to send in your head  Turn around is 1 day)


THE ETEC KIT is ONLY $570.00!

This includes 2 very custom pistons, base gasket and a head re-shape!


The cost of the kit  for the PTEK is as follows:


Custom Designed 82mm pistons  (2)	 		 $185/each
Base gasket (1):    			  	 	                 $25.00
RK Tek Torqueline Series Billet Head with
Patented Combustion Chamber Design 		 $450.00 ( $175 for ETEC OEM Head reshape)
TOTAL:						                        $845.00  ($570 ETEC)
Optional: RK Tek Custom ECM Re-program	$140.00 (not for ETEC)

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