Arctic Cat 800/900 Twin Mono Head

Arctic Cat 800/900 Twin Mono Head

Our Torque-Line 800 / 900 Cat twin head is a TRUE performance enhancer. The difference in the characteristics of the engine was huge compared to the inefficient stock combustion chamber design. Bolting this head on was good for 3 lengths in a race and over 100ft when hill-climbing.

In addition to the power enhancements, torsional twist was reduced and cooling was increased.

All BIG TWINS suffer from torsional twisting associated with the huge amounts of torque they produce. The factory single heads do nothing to combat this problem. Our head is "mono" head. This means that the two cylinders are tied together. This siamesing of the cylinders acts as a torque plate which will greatly reduce the torsion twisting on the engine. Torsional twisting can and will cause the crank centerline to become off-set with the bore and WILL cause engine failure. Especailly in highly modified engines.

This head is especially benficial when making a big bore engine or in a turbo application!

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