Arctic Cat 800/900 Twin Mono Head

Thundercat/ZRT 800 Triple Big Bore Mono Head

We put ALOT of time and thought into this head. We decided on a "mono" triple head for the above stated torsional twisting reasons. A modified T-CAT or ZRT 800 produces a tremendous amount of torque. RKT has been riding these big triples for many years and has found the secret to making big power without the expense of cylinder modifications. This head is NOTHING SHORT of AWESOME!

There will be NO QUESTION that you have increased performance with the addition of this head. The power-band was widened and cooling was increased, not to mention, your crank will live a lot longer due to the head acting as an upper torque plate.

Arctic Cat 900 Thundercat/ZRT 800 Triple Head

Upper Torque Plate (above)

Case Torque Plate (above)

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