SKI-DOO  500SS and TNT Engine

RK Tek has developed an Over-Bore kit for the 500SS/600 Series III Engine.


This over-bore turns your 600cc engine into a 662cc engine. We use the same piston in this kit that is used in out 738cc over-bore (600HO and 700 Series III Engine). Besides the awesome power increase, the benefit of not having the power-fade associated with the single ring piston (OEM) is what you will really notice when running this kit.

This kit consists of the following:

Bore cylinders to 80mm:                                   $195.00/pair
Port cylinders to RKT Specs:                              $600.00/pair
Custom RKT Billet head:                                   $465.00
Custom base gasket and spacer:                            $60.00
RAVE valve modification:                                  $80.00/pair
Custom machined 80mm CAST pistons:                        $350.00/pair
Wrist pin bearings:                                       $40/pair
                                                  Total:  $1760.00
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