827 (172HP)Big Bore Kit for Ski-Doo 800 Twins

RK Tek Has developed an 827 (REALLY an 830cc) kit for the  2001-2007 800 Twin Engine. While we were not planning on big performance improvements in this little over-bore... we were soon proved WRONG! In side by side (stock 800 pipe) bench-mark testing against our RKT Mod 800 Engine Kit .. the 827 would pull 5 lengths on the hills and flats over our modified 800. This came as a HUGE surprise to us but the results do not lie. We were very pleased to say the least!!

This kit, on a 2001 MXZ 800 was dyno'd in 2005 at Dyno Tech Research in New York and showed 166.8HP with the STOCK Pipe and can. That is over a 40HP gain from the 2001 engine's power (124-130HP) For more on this kit and that dyno session please visit www. dynotechresearch.com and read a bit more .

RK Tek further developed this kit to reach 172HP(ported version).  The kit in its non ported state WILL deliver 163HP

Now this kit has been in existence for over 10 years and has certainly withstood the test of time!! There are 100's of them out there running and running very well. After 10 years, there are really no more variables or "surprises" the kit REALLY is that SOLID!!


HERE is an EXCELLENT REVIEW on the RK Tek 827 Kit from a NON-BIASED Professional Tester.  Check it out see what they had to say about it: 827 REVIEW and https://www.youtube.com/user/lshobie/videos


This 827 kit is unlike all other big-bore kits. It uses your stock cylinders and does not require sleeving the cylinders. When you sleeve the stock cylinders.. transfer tunnel area is GREATLY diminished. This is not a good thing! One of the short-comings of the Series III engines is the transfer tunnel area... IT IS NOT LARGE ENOUGH! Proper porting can partially resolve this short-coming BUT once you sleeve the cylinder.. the tunnel area is greatly diminished and can NOT be restored. Aftermarket cylinders can address this issue but are quite expensive!


The cost of the kit is as follows:

Strip/Bore/Re-Plate stock cylinders (2):    			 $525.00/pair
83.5mm CUSTOM MADE pistons with wrist pins and rings: 	 $370.00/pair
Custom RK Tek Billet Head:                  			 $465.00 complete 
Custom Base gasket:                        	                                 $25.00
Modification of RAVE valves                		                 $75.00/pair
                                                                     TOTAL:      	                 $1445.00 (163HP Version)

Options-- Great addition but NOT required!

The engine's port timing is drastically altered due to the piston's unique geometry. So, even if you choose the non-ported 827 kit, the porting is drastically altered.

Full cylinder port: (CNC PORTED)             $600/pair
Caged wrist pin bearings                              $40/set
MPEM Recurve (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)    $160.00

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