Arctic Cat Diamond Drive Clutch Kit

NOTE: This item has been discontinued as of 2014



NEW for 2011 Season!!

For 2011 RK Tek has modified this kit to accommodate the electronic reverse.


RK Tek has also developed a custom quick Adjust Belt Deflection kit for the 2010 and newer clutches. This kit allows for  quick and precise adjustment and requires no clutch modifications. Please check this out in our "Other Custom Products Section" Cost is $40.00

New: RK Tek has a new outer cover. This cover will allow for spring tension adjustment WITHOUT removing the outer cover or the spring. This allows for 1 minute "on the spot" spring/clutching adjustments on the snow.

NOTE: This Kit can also be used with a compression spring.  Installation of this kit does not upset its function as a compression only set-up.


We will also be supplying Black Diamond Rock Rollers with every kit!


NEW for 2011 SEASON: For the past 2 years, RK Tek has been working with a new VERY CUSTOM SPRING configuration. We have found that this spring set-up allows for much better and consistent performance on the hill.

In 2010, we have hired a spring company to custom make our springs.

So, now you have the option of purchasing our unique spring configuration. The cost of this spring will be $25.00



USED by top riders Chris Burandt, Chris Brown, and Dan Gardiner

RK Tek has developed a CURE for what plagues ANY Diamond Drive Equipped Sled. Of course, we are talking about:

  • Poor Acceleration

  • Sluggish Back-Shift

  • Low Top-End Speed

The problem is NOT in the Diamond Drive, itself, but in the Diamond Drive Secondary Clutch's operation.

This IS the "FIX" for the secondary's poor performance. Keep in mind, This is NOT a minor spring change and some special, super-duper, rollers.. This IS a change in the way the Diamond Drive Secondary functions.

Most other clutch changes resulted in some better back-shift but cost you top end speed BIG-TIME!!

This is NOT that!!

This is more of a "MOD" than a "KIT" in the sense that it allows your clutching system to "RESPOND" to changes made in the system.. With your standard secondary operation, you could make primary or secondary changes and see very little to no change in the way the sled performed! With the addition of this kit, your system will respond to changes and this will allow you to reach clutching perfection!

This changes takes only minutes to install and will give you increased speed together with incredible back-shift. Massive speed increase, WICKED back-shift!! I mean this thing will back-shift like a clutch should!! What can be better than that??

The stock orange spring simply is too stiff and will stall the shift causing you sled to QUIT accelerating!! If you notice your sled will hit its top speed very quickly and then just "Tractor" over all the hills without ever gaining anymore speed! This is because the sled can NOT overcome the spring tension.. All these "other" cures will do ZERO to fix this issue.. The fix is a completely different clutch operation and that is what this kit provides!

The kit consists of an RK Tek custom made Helix and an RK Tek Billet cover with bushing, Hard rock rollers, and BDX Belt Deflection Adjust Kit.

We have several helix angles to choose from and can have ANY custom angle helix made upon request.

Please contact RK TEK for more info about this AWESOME kit!!

COST: $265



                        Optional Clutch Spring Adjust Tool $25

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