RK Tek
1245 Industrial Park Rd.
Preston, IDAHO 83263

PHONE: 208-852-3221

NOTE: We return every phone call if a clear message is left. Please speak loud and clear when leaving a message. We NEVER use "call waiting" to  "click" over to another call.

When you are talking to us, you have our full attention and will not be cut short.

The phone is busy all day long servicing our clients. PLEASE, be patient if you get the voicemail and leave a message.


NOTE:  We, PURPOSELY, do not offer online ordering!!

The reason is that we WANT to speak with each and every customer to BE SURE that they are getting the CORRECT parts for their engine!

This assures that the products purchased WILL perform as advertised!

It is our opinion that any shop that offers "online ordering" for performance parts is not interested in how the parts perform but more interested in just getting your $$$!

Think about it... What if you order a piston and head kit and get the incorrect compression ratio head for your application and octane.. You could have catastrophic engine failure from this.

Speaking to a PERSON is the best method to assure that you are ordering the CORRECT components for YOUR ENGINE!


IF you do not get an email response within 24hrs from us. Your email may be getting thrown into our SPAM file.... Please try calling instead..



NOTE: as of 10/26/2013 We have changed Web Hosts..

If you have an email for us that has "addr" in the heading, it will no longer get to us.. Please use the below email ONLY to contact us.

We want to make sure we are not missing any of your important emails.

OUR EMAIL: <Click to send us an email>












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