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Ski Doo 800R, 800 ETEC, 800HO, and 600 HO/SDI/RS Dual Ring Direct Replacement Pistons:

We now offer Dual Ring Direct Replacement Pistons for your Ski Doo 800R, 800HO and 600HO/SDI and RS Engine.

These pistons offer MUCH better heat transfer and will NOT power fade like the stock  single ring piston.

These pistons are $167.50/ea and are usually in stock.


ARCTIC CAT 925 Big Bore kit for 800HO


New for 2012-13, we are bringing back our 800 Big Bore kit.. We developed an outstanding 925 kit back in 2007 for the 800 engine. Due to lack of interest we discontinued the Big Bore kit. Well... with the new 800HO engine, we have decided to bring the over-bore back. This kit will allow you to have Pump Gas Turbo power without the HUGE expense and maintenance that is associated with ANY turbo'd engine. Look for this on the new 2012 M8 in 2012.




RK Tek has developed a "FIX" for your leaking M series or Ski Doo Oil Tank.

This fix is much different from ALL the others out there. Once installed, you will never have to worry about oil leakage again.

Please contact us for this. Pictures will follow soon. Cost will be $99.00

See more pictures HERE




RK TEK has a custom TEAM TIED helix that was tested THOROUGHLY, all of  the 2010-2011 Seasons on the REV 800 and the REV 800 XP. We tried many different helixes and springs before having to have custom Helix designed to gain the needed performance.. The TEAM TIED on the REV chassis is nothing short of amazing!! On the XP chassis, it works well, but the stock QRS secondary also works very well when set up right..

We will be offering this custom helix and spring ONLY for the Mountain Riders because we have only tested and proven it in the mountains.

Call if you want to discuss this set-up..



Arctic Cat 2010-Newer "Quick Adjust"
 Belt Deflection Adjuster

RK Tek has designed a QUICK Adjuster for the 2010-2011 M Series Belt Deflection. Cat removed the internal threads from the shaft on the 2010 and new secondary. This negates the use of any of the existing quick adjust tools..

So, we took it upon ourselves to design a VERY simple and effective tool to make deflection adjustments very easy.

Cost of this tool will be $40.00 and will work on the stock helix AND with the RK Tek Torsional Kit.

See it HERE


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