Polaris Products 2008-Present


       2008-Present (AXYS)Polaris 20HP "Drop In" Kit High Performance/LOW Cost--> Best Bang for the $$$  REV 1 and REV II Kits

SOME call this a "FIX KIT"



         2011-Present(AXYS)Polaris 800 858 BIG BORE KIT!!-->>BIG POWER!


       2008-Present(AXYS) Polaris Direct Replacement Pistons 800 and 600 Engines                     SOME call this a "FIX KIT"


           2008-2015 Polaris 800 Dragon/PRO (2008-Present) Billet Heads


          2016-Present Polaris 800 AXYS Billet Heads


     ALL Polaris 600 Performance Products



        2008-Present(AXYS) Polaris 800 Cheater Heads (keeping it on the "down low")


                  Polaris 900 Twin Head   CHEATER HEAD OPTION ONLY





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