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Polaris 700/800 Twin Heads

We looked at what was available for the 700 and 800 twins. We thought to ourselves: "What can we do to give people incentive to use our head? We know that our unique head designs produce more power than the others, we know that our heads are machined at a higher standard, but how can we break into the Polaris market, where almost everybody always buys from the same aftermarket companies?"

Well, here is what we came up with: We decided to make a "cheater style" head and sell it for cheaper than all the others!!

So, we took a lot of time and designed a head that fits ALL the 700 and 800 twins made from 1998 until Present!

We have also made a Head that allows for stock placement of the factory Detonation Sensor found on all the Detonation Sensor equipped models!

We added cooling traps on the outer domes and incorporated our combustion chamber and squish designs to assure maximum power while maintaining stock levels off reliability. AND we are selling them at a lower cost then ALL the others!!

So, now, you can get a custom designed head; built to your exact engine parameters (are you listening Turbo people?) at a much lower cost.

OK, the cost is $525.00 per head .

Please take a look at the picture!

Custom Polaris Head Covers for your stock head OR our aftermarket head

RK Tek has developed a billet head cover for your 700 or 800 twin engine.

NOW... Here is the great part....

You can send RKT a file with what you want inscribed on the head cover and we will machine it into the cover!

Talk about CUSTOM!! and Personalized!!!

Please take a look at one we have done!

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