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Polaris 900 Twin Heads

RK Tek has developed an AWESOME Billet Head for the 900 Twin Fuel Injected Power-Plant.... The OEM head on this engine actually  prevents other bolt on items from working to their full potential...

With the addition of the Torque-Line Head.. the other bolt-on items begin to show promise. NOW.. just bolting on the head alone will give you a VERY healthy power increase and DRASTICALLY improve head and engine cooling (much needed due to the poor cooling ducts present on the stock head).

In any case, a head change is mandatory if you are ever to acheive this engine's full potential.

RKT offers 2 options for the 900..

  1. Full Billet head with removeable inserts ($365.00 - See Pics Below)
  2. Modification of the stock head to accept our dome inserts($300 - See Pics Below)

Complete RKT Custom Heads and Head Covers - $365.00

Torque-Line Billet 900 Polaris Head

Cheater Head (domes in OEM Head) Totally Stealth - Same Performance!!! $300.00

Stock chamber design is VERY inefficient for combustion. Our design increases efficiency and that equates to power and fuel mileage increase.

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