Cylinder Porting

We are one of the few shops that is not "scared" to get in there and actually do some "REAL" changes to the cylinder's porting arrangement!!!

We do NOT just send you cylinder back with a polished exhaust port and charge you tons of $$$$.. We actually modify EVERY (Yes, EVERY) port in your cylinder to assure the max power and flow characteristics in your engine.

We have spent countless hours R&Din' engines to determine where the faults are internally. We do not just "guess" at what to do nor do we just make everything bigger and higher!! ALL port jobs are done using data we have collected through many years of engine testing!!

The CNC porting has allowed RK Tek to take porting to the next higher level!! Using the CNC Mill we can assure you that the cylinders are modified as evenly as possible.

KEEP IN MIND... The CNC only performs the "ROUGH" porting.. There are still many hours spent on the bench doing the final modifications. On the average.. EVERY cylinder requires between 3-4 hours of hand work before it is ready to be returned to the customer

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