Above is Cody Borchers on board an RK Tek Ski Doo Engine       Photo by Thomas Opra


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RK Tek only uses 7075 T6 Aluminum in our products. 7075 is much more rigid and resist flexing more than 6061 Aluminum.

7075 costs $3.00 per pound MORE than 6061 Aluminum!

ALL other companies use 6061 Aluminum in their billet products.



When you want TRUE performance for your engine... We have what you desire!

Do NOT settle for "Old Technology" chamber designs. We take combustion to the next level!!



Ski-doo Heads
Ski-Doo Heads, Porting, Pistons, and Big Bore Kits

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CODY Borcher's Sled is equipped with RK Tek Products

  • 800R/Rev XP 800R
  • 860R and 860 ETEC Big Bore (180+HP)
  • 827 Big Bore (172+ HP)
  • 800 Twin HO and Non-HO
  • Direct Dual Ring Replacement Pistons for 800 and 800R
  • Direct Dual Ring Replacement Pistons for 600HO
  • 700 Twin
  • 600 Twin HO
  • 738 Big Bore (150+HP)
  • 600 Twin (Non-H.O.)
  • 664 Big Bore
  • 809 Triple
  • 500 SS Twin ECM re-curve and 664 Big Bore
  • RT/Mach Z 1000 (Replacement Domes for your OEM Head Only)

Arctic Cat Heads
Arctic Cat Heads, Porting, Big Bores , Pistons, and Clutch Kits

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Polaris Heads
Polaris Heads, Porting and Big Bore Kits





Other Products and Services

ATV/Cycle Heads

  • Yamaha Banshee Heads
  • Cheetah Heads
  • Honda CR500 Heads and Porting
  • TRX-250R Heads
  • Pro-X Cylinder Heads for Honda
  • Suzuki LT-250R Head

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