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RK Tek is located in Preston, Idaho and is owned and operated by Kelsey and Rex (hence RK). RK Tek sets itself apart from other performance shops by testing its products in the best lab in the world - the great outdoors. Yes, that is right, RK Tek draws results from "real world" testing - that means testing products where you will be using them. For those who would like a little more hard evidence, there are also dyno reports available to back up what RK Tek has proven in real world testing, and perhaps the best way to convince yourself is to talk to other RK Tek customers.

RK Tek also use a MUCH higher quality aluminum than ALL other aftermarket companies. RK Tek uses 7075 T6 Aluminum vs. the standard 6061 aluminum used by others. 7075 T6 is MUCH more rigid due to its higher Nickel content. It dissipates heat much better and has a much higher resistance to flexing.

Above all that, 7075 T6 costs $3.00/lb MORE than 6061 Aluminum. RK Tek will not "Skimp" on quality just to save a buck.

As of May 2009, RK Tek has a Patent application on their unique combustion chamber design!! What does that tell you about the product? To be able to have a combustion chamber design that is unique enough to be issued a patent!! This stuff is definitely not ordinary performance parts!!

RK Tek customers rave about how great and reliable these products are - just ask anyone that's using one of our custom heads, big bore kits, clutch kits or other performance products. Rather than slap a bunch of junk together and shoot for mass production, RK Tek takes the time to get each application dialed-in just right. This keeps people happy and then they keep coming back. We would encourage you to read through some of the forums on SnoWest.com, DooTalk.com and others, just to hear what folks are saying about RK Tek.

A good strong work ethic, the highest quality performance products, attention to customer service and a ton of useful information are some of the ingredients that make RK Tek one of the best 2-stroke performance shops on the planet.

RK Tek takes a different approach to 2 stroke engine building than most others. We use to get all "bogged down" with the "theories" that surround 2 stroke engines. Oh yes, we can speak theory with the best of them... What we shortly determined was that all those theories and formulas were based on engines from the 70's and 80's and do not apply to the modern day 2 stroke engine. The 2 strokes of the past were air-cooled and piston port induced. 2 stroke exhaust systems were in their early development and primitive compared to the exhaust systems of the 21st century. Well, the modern 2 stroke engine is water-cooled and reed valve inducted and has a very sophisticated exhaust system in place. A FAR cry from the engines the books were written about.

So, we developed some theories and formulas of our own that more closely mimic the modern 2 stroke engine and differ, sometimes greatly, from the books and SAE papers of the past.

We focus on internal engine flow and engine efficiency. We strive to increase the efficiency of EVERY function of the engine. By increasing efficiency, one increases performance.


It IS that simple!!

The more efficient engine also does not suffer form narrow engine power-bands. ALL our engines will have a very wide operating band and will not be finicky with elevation change.



Don'f Forget to Send in Your OEM Heads !

If you are ordering cheater heads, we will need to have your OEM heads to make the modifications.  If you have any questions
call us anytime we're here to help.