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Arctic Cat M-7, M-8, M-10 and Firecat 700, 800 and 1000 Laydown Porting


Arctic Cat M-7, M-8, M-10 and Firecat 700, 800 and 1000 Laydown Porting

Arctic Cat “Laydown” (M and F Series) Porting Packages

RK Tek has spent countless hours inside the 700, 800 and 1000cc Laydown Engines doing extensive R&D to determine how best to improve performance without sacrificing reliability.

The determination and time has paid off in a huge way in terms of SOLID porting packages for each engine.

Each engine required different alterations in order to achieve the best power output.

Keep in mind, all porting is not the same. 2-Stroke Tuners all see different “deficiencies” when inspecting any engine. Different shops will alter porting differently.

At RK Tek, we tend to look on porting a bit different than most other porting houses. We REFUSE to alter ANY engine, via porting or other modifications, to a state that makes the engine "PEAKY" or have an explosive power hit.

We have discovered a special type of porting alteration that allows for a very smooth power delivery and NO sacrifice of low end power and especially no sacrifice of engine reliability. On the ALL the Laydown Twins, we found the port arrangement lacking to say the least.

We have uncovered some serious hidden power via porting alterations. These engines are a completely different power-plant after the porting and will surprise many larger bore engines on the hills or on the lake.

700cc: One can expect a solid 10+HP gain from porting this engine to our specs. When you couple this with our head and a single or twin pipe set-up, you have a lethal combination that just spells “FUN”. Power levels increase sharply with head and exhaust changes. One can expect a 20+HP increase over stock power levels making this little 700 run with or above the larger CC engines.



800cc: The 800 engine is the engine that requires the most attention. In fact, it is surprising that this engine even runs as well as it does considering the stock porting arrangement!

After a “PROPER” cylinder porting re-arrangement, this engine really comes to life! In fact, you will not even believe it is the same sled! It is that big of a difference! With porting and a head you can expect approximately 170HP on 91 octane fuel with NO FUEL CONTROLLER (2007 MODEL) and the STOCK pipe!. Certain single pipes add even more to the power output! Expect in the 175+HP range with a good single pipe.

NOTE: RK Tek has continually improved on the porting and head from the first M8 in 2007 until the latest engine in 2010... These numbers reflect our latest developments. Like any good engine shop, we continue research and development every season and strive to improve on the "Status Quo". This rings very true with this engine. From its introduction in 2007 until present day, RK Tek has found and developed improvements each and every year. This is what EVERY Performance Shop should do.


1000cc: The BIG TWIN…. In our opinion, not real impressive in stock form BUT …TONS of potential and power waiting to be unleashed! This engine needs to breathe! With the stock porting arrangement and exhaust it simply cannot breathe!

Like ANY large bore / long stroke engine, it can not stand to be held down via restrictive scavenging flow, intake air flow, and exhaust flow. Large bore engines NEED to be able to expel gases and NEED to be able to take on massive amounts of air. In stock form, this engine is heavily restricted in both intake and exhaust.

After proper porting alterations, this engine is able to flow the necessary Fuel/Air Mix and expel the unwanted burnt charge. Without this porting alteration, the engine will never reach its full potential. Yes, you can get some more power via a head change and exhaust change and the engine will be somewhat impressive.. BUT… After proper porting, the engine is INCREDIBLE! We have spent much time testing different exhaust systems and all seem to add good power, BUT, until the porting is altered you can not get past the190HP mark. After porting, 210+HP is achievable on 91 octane with a single pipe and a fuel control box. The combination of the porting coupled with the head and pipe changes will completely change the attitude of this engine! You will not believe the difference! Reliability is not compromised with the porting.


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