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Cylinder Porting

AS OF 2005.. RK Tek is porting cylinders using CNC Vertical Machining Centers (CNC porting). This assures EVEN porting and proper flow!

AS OF 2005.. RK Tek is porting cylinders using CNC Vertical Machining Centers (CNC porting). This assures EVEN porting and proper flow!

Please Look HERE for pics of the CNC porting.

2 Stroke Engine Porting: if it is to be done right, is a very complicated task. Careful care must be taken to assure that engine will not end up making LESS power then it did before the engine porting was done.

RK Tek uses the latest in 2 stroke design and simulation software, coupled with, practical knowledge that can only be gained through experience and trial and error, to properly modify any engine. These simulation programs require an extensive number of engine parameters and measurements to be inputted before they can effectively simulate realistic outputs. NOTE: These software programs are just a tool! BUT, when these "tools" are used , in conjunction, with real world experience, you have the receipt for a proper engine modification.

Some engines have exhibit obvious areas, that do not require running simulations, that need alterations. These areas are the ones to address first.

RK Tek will not let these engine jobs deter focus from, what we feel, is the most important aspect of engine tuning... COMBUSTION!! We feel that with MOST modern engines, greater improvements can be made in modifying the combustion process that any other area --->>> including porting.

Therefore; we ,currently, only do a limited number of engine porting packages. We only port engines that we are VERY familiar with. We will be the first to recommend another engine builder for porting services if the engine you need ported is not one that we have some experience with.

RK Tek has a full-time porting person in house.

If you have an engine you feel requires some engine port work.. please feel free to contact us and see what our schedule looks like.

For you snowmobile people, the best time to have your engine ported by RK Tek is in the Winter off months.

RK Tek spends much time developing SOLID porting packages to compliment the head. This R&D is all done on the mountain where one can SEE REAL results. Using a dyno for porting is not the best way to develop "Real World" power enhancement. Although, we do utilize our dyno, it is always secondary to real world testing on the snow!!

At RK Tek, we tend to look on porting a bit different than most other porting houses. We REFUSE to alter ANY engine, via porting or other modifications, to a state that makes the engine "PEAKY" or have an explosive power hit. We have discovered a special type of porting alteration that allows for a very smooth power delivery and NO sacrifice of low end power and especially no sacrifice of engine reliability.



Friday, 10 August 2018
I have had Big Bore kits and a lot of other Mod work done by RK-Tek and I must say it performs very well on the mountain. My 600 Summit is a sleeper.
Anthony Sours

Don'f Forget to Send in Your OEM Heads !

If you are ordering cheater heads, we will need to have your OEM heads to make the modifications.  If you have any questions
call us anytime we're here to help.